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Damn Good Reasons To Use Storyboard


all your best media assets

You've got a stash of awesome images, videos, quotes and press releases. That's your press kit right there. We'll help you show it all off on one page.


your storyboard easily

Those days of emailing your zipped press kit or a zillion attachments are over. With Storyboard all you need to do is share your url.

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Storyboard does everything to make journalists cover your story easily and accurately. We turn all your assets into easily shareable elements so journalists can grab whatever they need for their story.
Discover Great Storyboards
Storyboard is a little like for businesses, but it's a much more multimedia-oriented than that.
Storyboard's service is truly new.
It takes a concept that is as old as advertising and reinvents it while making it accessible to anyone with a web browser.
I would like to see every accelerator, VC firm, and startup community worldwide get their company's press kits on Storyboard...